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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to attend?

This course is intended for practicing and aspiring mental health workers (social workers, psychotherapists, physicians, graduate students, etc.) that wish to learn DBT skills by experiencing Group DBT.

What is the time commitment to participate?

DBT Skills Group takes place once a week for 2 hours. Home practice is expected - how much time you choose to dedicate to your home DBT practice is up to you! At minimum, reading the handouts and worksheets may not take longer than 30 minutes.

Can I use my insurance to pay for services?

Our facilitators are Regulated Health Professionals (Social Workers and Occupational Therapists). You will be issued a receipt that may be submitted to your insurance provider. Amount of reimbursement would be contingent on your insurance provider / insurance package. Your insurance provider would be able to tell you how much funding you are allotted for Social Work and/or Occupational Therapy.

What is your cancellation policy?

A full refund may be issued to participants that cancel up to 7 days prior to the start of the training package. Once the course has begun, should you be required to miss a session, a refund will not be issued, however attempts will be made by the facilitator to record the session on your behalf and/or the facilitator may provide you with additional resources to make up for the material lost. 

I reside outside of Ontario, Canada. Can I still participant?

You can! This course can be categorized as continuing education and therefore can be accessed by those out of province/country. Insurance receipts are only provided to those residing in Alberta and Ontario.

I am trying to sign up, but the course I selected is full. 

We cap our group at 10 participants each in order to ensure group safety and allow for a quality, interactive learning experience. Please email to request to join the Waiting List if the course is full.

What is the difference between the Abbreviated vs. Intensive courses?

The intensive track is 17 weeks and covers more of the DBT Skills than the Abbreviated (10 weeks). In this track you are also permitted to reattend the Mindfulness module, free of charge, up to 3 times throughout the course. View and compare the course curriculum,

What happens if I need to miss a session?

The training occurs live and you will get the most out of the course by attending in real time as active participation is required for any skills group and sessions cannot run if people are not present. However, things happen! It is completely understandable to miss a session due to a conflict, emergency, illness, etc. Your facilitator will make every effort to record the session missed. This recording will be available for 7 days following the session date. Being absent for more than 20% of the course (e.g. 2 for the Abbreviated and 3 for the Intensive) will disqualify you from receiving a certificate of attendance. Missing an entire module will also preclude you from receiving a certificate of attendance. Please contact us directly if this becomes an issue so that we can problem solve accordingly.

Will I be DBT certified upon completion?

You will receive a certificate of completion acknowledging that you have completed DBT Skills Training with DBT House in the amount of (x) hours over (x) weeks.

The only organization that provides DBT Certification is the DBT-Linehan Board of Certification ( This organization assesses the applicant's knowledge and application of DBT via a written exam, work product demonstration, and coding of their DBT sessions. This organization does not provide DBT education/training. 

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