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Interpersonal Effectiveness in DBT




8 weeks | 16 hrs

About the Course

Upcoming Dates: There are no scheduled dates for this course. Please email for waitlist.

This course provides an in-depth training of the DBT skills of Interpersonal Effectiveness outlined in the DBT Skills Handouts and Worksheets: Second Edition by Marsha M. Linehan.

Interpersonal Effectiveness is a form of social skills training that focuses on teaching assertive communication strategies. In this experiential skills training you will learn essential skills to assist clients in establishing relationships, strengthening existing ones, and ending destructive relationships. As this is an experiential course, you can expect to learn by doing: You will explore your own boundaries and beliefs around interpersonal relationships, while learning therapeutic tools to implement with clients. This includes topics such as how to effectively ask for what you want (or say no), while also maintaining respect for yourself and others; self-validation; perspective taking and validation of others; and behaviour change strategies.

All DBT Group Sessions are 120 minutes in length and conducted virtually.

Materials will be provided. Recommended text: DBT Skills Training Handouts & Worksheets, Second Edition, 2014.


Course Outline:

  • Week 1: Goals of Interpersonal Effectiveness, Understanding Obstacles, Interpersonal Myths, Clarifying Goals in Interpersonal Situations

  • Week 2: Skills for getting our needs met (DEAR MAN), Asking for what you want while prioritizing your relationship (GIVE), Skills for maintaining Our Self Respect (FAST)

  • Week 3: Evaluating Options, Troubleshooting

  • Week 4: Building Relationships Overview, Finding and Getting People to Like You, Mindfulness of Others, Practicing Loving Kindness

  • Week 5: Ending Relationships. Review of FAST skill

  • Week 6: Dialectics

  • Week 7: Validation of others, Identifying Self Validation and Recovering from Invalidation. Review of GIVE Skill.

  • Week 8: Behaviour Change Strategies and Review

DBT Skills Group Weekly Agenda:

  • Mindfulness Practice

  • Review of Home Practice

  • New Skills Training

  • Check Out


Group Discussion and Application to Clinical Practice will be woven into skills training in each session.

DBT encourages a home practice to generalize the skills we learn in Group. For this reason, homework is assigned and reviewed in each session.

* Graduates of the Intensive and Abbreviated Courses at DBT HOUSE are entitled to 10% off the regular price of this training. Please contact us directly for your non-transferable discount code.

* Materials will be provided. Recommended text: DBT Skills Training Handouts & Worksheets, Second Edition, 2014.

* Prices are in Canadian dollars. Participants may join from anywhere.

* Course outline is subject to change, of which participants will be notified.

Upcoming Dates:There are no scheduled dates for this course. Please email for waitlist.

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