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DBT Info Session & Mindfulness Seminar


$75 | Free for registrants


2 hours

About the Course

In this seminar we will discuss the basic tenets and goals of DBT Skills Training. You will then dive into Mindfulness practice and learn Mindfulness within the context of DBT.

Seminar Agenda:

  • DBT Overview - Structure, History, Emotion Dysregulation, Skills Training

  • Intro to Skills Training - Goals and Guidelines of DBT, Options for Solving Any Problem, DBT Assumptions (DBT General Handouts 1-4)

  • Mindfulness - Goals of Mindfulness, Wise Mind, What Skills, How Skills (Mindfulness Handouts 1-4)

*This seminar is included and required when you enroll in the Abbreviated or Intensive DBT Skills Training. For everyone else the cost to attend is $75 - should you decide to register for the Abbreviated or Intensive Training later, this amount will be deducted from your registration cost.

*Once enrolled in the Intensive track, participants may re-attend this session monthly throughout the duration of their course, free of charge - this is recommended to assist with skill acquisition.

*Those enrolled in the Abbreviated track may reattend this session monthly as well at a discounted fee of $50.

Upcoming Dates: Sunday November 19, 2023 | 5-7pm EST / 3-5pm MST

Sunday January 14, 2024  | 5-7pm EST / 3-5pm MST

Sunday February 11, 2024  | 5-7pm EST / 3-5pm MST

This session is typically held monthly on the second or third Sunday

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