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Improving Emotion Regulation through Physical Health




1 hr

About the Course

Treating one’s physical health can promote better emotional and behavioral control in clients. Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) targets this through the use of the PLEASE skills, which stands for Treat PhysicaL Illness, Balance Eating, Avoid Mood-Altering Substances, Balance Sleep, Get Exercise. Without a thorough knowledge of these skills clients may not use them to their full potential. In this webinar, Dr. Micaela Gregory ND, will provide a detailed exploration into the components of the DBT PLEASE skills, including ways that we can improve physical health, nutrition, psychoactive substance use, sleep and exercise. You will learn physical health tips that are within your scope of practice to teach your clients, to support meaningful engagement in all five PLEASE skills. You will also learn about when referrals to medical professionals may be beneficial to further support clients’ difficulties with emotion dysregulation and ultimately promote best outcomes in their psychotherapy treatment. This webinar is suitable for both DBT and non-DBT practitioners who wish to effectively integrate physical health changes in their clients to reduce emotional vulnerability, through the lens of the DBT PLEASE skills.

Unable to attend live? This seminar will be recorded and made available to ticket holders upon request.

Friday February 3, 2023 | 12-1pm ET

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